Biomass refers to organic material derived from plants and animals, which is used as a renewable energy source. It encompasses a wide variety of resources, including wood and wood waste, agricultural crops and their byproducts, organic waste from industrial and municipal sources, and even algae. Biomass can be converted into multiple forms of energy, such as heat, electricity, and biofuels, through various processes like combustion, gasification, and fermentation.


One of the key advantages of biomass is its potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. When biomass is used for energy, it can help offset emissions from fossil fuels, contributing to a more sustainable and lower-carbon energy system. This is because the carbon dioxide (CO2) released during the combustion of biomass is roughly equivalent to the CO2 absorbed by the plants during their growth, creating a more balanced carbon cycle.

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Hisarmak Makine Enerji Tesisat San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti. was established in 2015. Its primary field of activity is the production of textile machinery, dyeing equipment, and steam boilers.

Hisarmak Machinery operates on the principle of advancing design and manufacturing quality in every product and provides uninterrupted service in the field of heat and energy.

Hisarmak Machinery produces various types of steam boilers, including Scotch Type Steam Boilers, Rotary Grate Steam Boilers, and Fluidized Bed Steam Boilers.

The product range includes Thermal Oil Boilers, Steam Generators, Hot Water Boilers, Chimney and Filter Systems, Water Softening Systems, among others.

Hisarmak Machinery undertakes all works from project design to commissioning as turnkey solutions.

It serves various sectors including energy, textiles, food, machinery, mining, paper, greenhouse, construction, cement, and iron-steel.

Hisarmak Machinery commits to maintaining high quality standards in every product and service through continuous improvement and innovative design principles.

As a principled and reliable company, Hisarmak Machinery prioritizes customer satisfaction and aims to add value to its customers.