Stoker Steam Boiler

Stoker Steam Boiler

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Stoker Type Front Furnace Steam Boilers: In these boilers, the combustion gases travel through what is known as the first pass, entering the front section towards the secondary flue tubes. The gases are then gathered in the front flue box before being directed to the cyclone. Post-cyclone, the gases are discharged into the atmosphere through the chimney. Thanks to the top-burning principle, coal combustion is thorough, minimizing environmental pollution.

The boiler's feed water is pre-heated in the front furnace, enhancing steam generation efficiency. Key components of the system include the coal bunker, feeding mechanisms, the coal hopper, augers for moving coal, speed reducers for the augers, and the fresh air blower. The combustion occurs in a section referred to as the bunker. The auger that transports coal to the combustion area is termed the 'boat helix', while the one that moves coal to the hopper is known as the 'loading helix'. The helical fuel feeding mechanism ensures bottom-up combustion, leading to complete fuel burn-off and preventing the emission of unburned coal particles into the environment.

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