• Thermal capacity

  • Working pressure

  • Available fuel

    Gas Fueled

  • Available industries

    Textile, Heating, Rubber, Chemical

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Our company specializes in the production of steam boiler economizers, certified with the CE mark, catering to both liquid and gas-fueled systems. These economizers are designed as water tube heat exchangers, skillfully crafted to reclaim heat from the boiler's exhaust gases before they are released through the chimney. This process not only enhances energy efficiency but also contributes to the sustainable operation of boiler systems.


The recovered heat from the flue gases serves multiple purposes, depending on its application within the system. When channeled back into the boiler's feed water, it functions as a "feed water economizer," significantly reducing the energy required to heat the water to the necessary temperature. In scenarios where the heat is diverted for facility needs such as operational water, bathing, processing, or washing, it assumes the role of a "domestic water economizer," effectively utilizing waste heat for practical applications.


Furthermore, when the reclaimed heat is used to pre-warm the combustion air for the burner or to elevate the temperature of the surrounding air, the device is aptly termed an "air heater economizer." This versatile use of waste heat not only maximizes energy utilization but also substantially cuts down on operational costs, making our economizers an integral component in the pursuit of efficiency and sustainability in steam boiler operations.

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